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Get Your Best White Kitchen Designs

A white kitchen will always be a timelessly stylish design; it is also a brilliant way of having a blank canvas to work with as design trends develop. It will also always be a bestseller to new home buyers as it provides a modern, crisp look which is purely enticing yet still leaves lots of room for creativity. Choosing a white kitchen is also a good way of designing a& cheap kitchen as all the cabinetry is the same which is more cost-effective. Although there are the expected concerns that the kitchen will look unfriendly and clinical with everything being all white, there are some fool proof rules to stick to which will avoid these issues!

Shapes and textures

An inspired way to break up the sharpness of an all-white kitchen is by choosing distinctive features such as curved units, worktops and funky kitchen islands to add a little abstract feel. Using different textures such as having a mosaic tiled pattern on the walls and a stainless steel sink embedded into your kitchen will help to add another layer to the design, keeping it interesting and adding character.


White kitchens lend themselves to any design theme, for example a white shabby chic kitchen could exude the feeling of a kitchen by the seaside with distressed and aged units. Alternatively, you could choose a vintage styled kitchen with open brickwork and painted floorboards. The trick is to have contrasting elements showing against the white background as it creates an incredible stylish look.

Vibrant colours

You can bring life and character back into a plain white kitchen by adding in splashes of colour to its accents and features. For instance, having a contrasting red or black range cooker against the white kitchen units will look fantastic, especially when you combine it with red or black kitchen appliances. Different colours could also be used on your walls, simply having one wall painted a bold colour will bring vibrancy. Different coloured flooring such as dark wooden flooring will create a striking contrast against high gloss white cabinets.


This will depend on the theme of your kitchen; for example, if you would like a more traditional design, you could add a chandelier to your kitchen’s ceiling and this will help to add a touch of grandeur. However, if a modern kitchen is more for you then you could opt for some modern colour-changing LED lights which will really stand out and emphasise the simple white background. There is a huge variation of kitchen lighting available now to compliment any kitchen design you desire.


The finishing touches to a kitchen will really make a difference. White kitchens will blend well with anything you add to them, and you can build anything into them, such as a wine fridge to break up the kitchen units. Adding other quirky features such as a retro hanging clock or a funky lamp will also enhance the white kitchen design so that it’s a little more exciting.

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