Essential Tips for Carpet Cleaning For Long Lasting and Good Looking Flooring

Essential Tips for Carpet Cleaning For Long Lasting and Good Looking Flooring

January 6, 2020 0 By wmpsf

Many people ignore the fact, but flooring of a house impacts its appearance and looks considerably. Various kinds of flooring materials are now available in the market. Depending on your choice and your budget, you can choose the one that fits in well with your requirements. Among the many flooring options available, carpets are a popular choice with many people. Though they are slightly expensive flooring material, they make a room or a house look warm as well as sophisticated at the same time. The greatest problem with carpets is that they need regular and thorough cleaning to retain their beauty and appeal. Though carpet cleaning can be done at home only, sometimes you might seek assistance from professionals for the same.

Cleaning tips for carpets – useful and effective

You might be careful regarding your carpet. But avoiding stains, spills and accidents completely is just not possible. The result is you need to know the tricks and the tips for handling such situations. Mentioned below find some essential tips and tricks of maintaining and cleaning your carpet:


Remove dust and dirt from carpets on regular basis

Since the surface of carpets is soft, dirt and dust tend to get trapped in the carpet fibers easily. This is the reason it is recommended that carpets should be cleaned on regular basis. Vacuum cleaning is the ideal and most convenient way of removing dust and dirt from the carpet surface. Infect vacuuming can extract dirt from the minutest corners of the carpet effectively.

Deep steam cleaning at regular interval of 6 months or so

Although you might carry out vacuum cleaning for the carpet on regular basis, try steam cleaning at a regular interval of 6 months. You might not be able to do this by yourself at home. Contact a company offering carpet cleaning services and they will handle the whole process professionally. Steam cleaning offers thorough cleaning of the carpet with high pressure injected water jet nozzles along with a cleaning solution. The machine helps in extracting dirt, dust and debris from each fiber of the carpet with the cleaning solution and the water jet. You can have as good as new carpet after steam cleaning.

Dishwasher detergent for stubborn grease stains

Grease stains are extremely stubborn to remove and when they fall on the carpet, you can well imagine the worry that they cause. Well, stop worrying as you have a great solution for grease stains at home – the dishwashing detergent. Take a cup of water and put 1-2 drops of dishwashing liquid in the same. Put the solution in the spray bottle and spray directly on the grease stain. Use a blotting paper for absorbing the stain. The dishwashing detergent cuts through the grease and loosens it up. If the stains are large, repeat the process again and again.

Shaving cream great for general stains

Ordinary shaving cream acts as a great carpet cleaner for stains. Experts opine that all kinds of stains can be removed with shaving cream. The cream needs to be applied directly on the stain and left to set for approximately 30 minutes. Use a dry white cloth and blot out the stain. You will notice that major part of the stain is removed. To finish the process, take one-part water and one part vinegar and mix well. Now spray the solution on the stained area and wipe it away using a clean cloth.

Organic cleaners for pet accidents

If you have a pet at home, there are high chances that your carpet will be harmed with pet poop or pet urine. Even if the pet is well trained, accidents can happen and you need to deal with the situation. Using organic cleaners for this is the safest thing to do. Available in spray bottles, the organic cleaner should be sprayed generously on the spot. You might need some serious scrubbing as well. Use soft cloth or towels for wiping the cleaner. Coffee and sauce stains can also be removed with this process.

There are many carpet cleaning companies offering quality yet affordable services to maintain cleanliness and beauty of your carpets at home. Contact them when you need professional help for cleaning carpets.