Decorative Ideas For Small Living Space

Decorative Ideas For Small Living Space

September 19, 2019 0 By wmpsf

Small Living spaces have a sense of warmth towards them. Such spaces defines you and your personality and that’s why decorating small and cozy spaces becomes very crucial because we have to revive a perfectly putted together space without overdoing the decoration.

Play with colors:

Don’t be too rigid while deciding the color paulette and try not to play safe, just choose a color which defines yourself the most. Use light and dark shades of the same colour on alternate walls or try an ombre effect where the darker tones are closer to the floor and get lighter towards the ceiling.

Smooth transition of decorative items:

Always play it cool, steer away from complicated visuals.keep your decorative items chic and create a welcoming entrance and keep it clutter free so guests don’t feel cramped as soon as they enter.

Easy chic furniture: Larger than life

Couches and overstuffed fluffy chairs may be tempting decor idea, but sometimes being minimal is a boon. Invest in a chic but comfortable padded bench with hidden storage or low seating such as floor cushions to create a cosy space. Skinny and tall bookshelves draw the eye upward and become a focal point in the room.

Funky furnishing:

To even out the minimal furniture add several throw pillows and bolsters on your chic bench and small cushions with unique prints to create a coordinated decor vibes.Soft, flowing curtains with minimal decoration add movement while making the room seem light and airy.

Play with height:

Always plan your decor vertically instead of horizontal. Make a nice and decorative arrangement of small paintings and framed photographs and even the potted plants placed in vertical angle at different elevation points keeps thing interesting and visually pleasing. Always space them out to avoid a busy wall.

Add some bling:

Always invest in a smart and chic, dimmable sculptural light decorations so you can elevate and transform the mood of the room by fixing its intensity and warmth. A dainty chandelier, even if miniature, can become a great decorative piece to start a conversation. Fairy lights in minimal arrangements are an inexpensive way to light the room differently for every occasion.

Create an illusion with flooring:

Avoid basic wall-to-wall carpeting and instead add some eye catching decorative rugs in bold colours and prints, even quirky fonts will do the needful and laid them out in the centre of the room and leave the rest of the floor bare for the illusion of a larger room with a sense of warmth.