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Home Security 101: 5 Tips to Keep Your Family Safe

Security is equally important for any object, whether it be a bank or the family home. The latter is perhaps more important because the last thing you want is for your family to get into harm’s way. That is why the house should have additional security measures installed, apart from the lock and key system that is proving to be insufficient for the times we live in. If you are wondering how to go about home security, here is a short guide that would ensure your family’s safety if the measures listed in it get implemented in your home.

#1. Outdoor motion sensor lighting

Most homeowners think of outside lighting in the context of spending summer nights on the front porch. However, lighting can be your ally in the fight again home invasion by giving out the location of the intruder. Lights that turn on when someone passes by should be placed in all corners of the backyard and in front of the house to establish a perimeter at night. Sure, a dog or a cat might activate them but they are nevertheless your first line of defence against people trying to sneak inside your house.

#2. Trim the vegetation

Some thieves operate during the day by swiftly jumping over the fence at dusk and they hiding away in the yard behind a bush, waiting for night time when it favourable to break inside. This is why you shouldn’t plant scrubs and bushes near the fence as you are basically providing intrudes with a safe place to hide. In places like Australia where people own large estates, this can be especially problematic. Trim all the vegetation in your garden and make sure there aren’t any good hiding spots in your garden, like the shed that ought to be locked.

#3. Under lock and key

Speaking of locks, the shed is not the only space that should have a lock on it. Apart from the front and back door that should be locked at all times, lock all the valuables inside the house. This includes the gun cabinet and the box in which you keep ammunition that should be stored separately. Locks and keys might be an ancient method but they are still the most effective defence against burglars. Oh yeah, don’t forget to always keep a number of the local locksmith near at hand. For instance, if you live in New South Wales, a number of a reliable locksmith in Central Coast would not be a bad thing to have. In the end, the key might just break in the lock, you’ll need quick assistance.

#4. Test the alarm

A home security system is equipped with an alarm that, hopefully, you know how it sounds only because the people who installed it tested it. Well, maybe it’s time to get used to this beeping sound, as you are going to have to test it at least once every two months. These systems have become so widespread that manufacturers started saving on quality, so you have to know at all times that is operating properly. Call the security company and tell them that you are going to hold a short drill in order not to cause panic and have security guards pulling up frantically in front of your house.

#5. Don’t invite burglars in

If you leave a sandwich on the table for days and ants show up, you are the one to blame. The same goes for the house, so the criminals in your area shouldn’t be “invited” in any way into your home. If you are going away for a holiday, have someone visit the house regularly to pick up the mail. Also, don’t leave the front door or the garage door open for too long as someone might use the opportunity to sneak inside. If street windows reveal too much, you can always have them frosted to ensure a higher level of privacy.

Any of the 5 methods listed here will significantly increase the security of your home. Once you know you and your loved ones are safe, you can truly relax and enjoy the comfort of your home.

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