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5 Simple Home Decoration Ideas

Everyone wants to have a beautiful home that is warm and welcoming to all the visitors, and for that, you need to have some unique design ideas in mind. The only thing that is preventing you from doing this is your imagination and, of course, the depth of your wallet, but for the first problem at least, we have the internet to help us out. Trying to be unique can be really expensive, but you can find some cheaper solutions that will work for you. Buying things in big shopping malls can be an extremely good idea, but everything you can find there is not unique, and everyone will have the same thing you have, which will rob you of your originality. So, that leaves you with some custom-made decoration solutions, but without spending a whole fortune on it. How can you do that? Well, we have prepared a list of things you can adjust to your own needs and desires so that you can create something that will be solely yours.

#1. Make a crazy bookshelf

This is a really nice idea, since it combines two really good things: first, you can create a bookshelf in any design you want, be it a Batman sign, a Harry Potter lightning bolt, or something that came out of the Beauty and the Beast cartoon, and second, you can put some real books there,which you’ll have the opportunity to read. Let’s face it, books are not meant to be a decoration, as they are to be enjoyed, but this combines aesthetics and efficiency. Having a custom bookshelf will keep all your books safe, and it will display them in a pleasing fashion.

#2. Plants

Once again, plants are an excellent combination of something that is both pleasant to the eye and something that is extremely practical. Potted plants can actually make the air that you are breathing cleaner by absorbing the carbon dioxide and expelling oxygen in return. Not to mention how relaxing they can be, which is why they are often seen in hospitals, schools and offices. You can choose plants according to your own needs and lifestyle, and if you are a forgetful person then you can select something like Aglaonema or Chinese evergreen which can also survive with as little light as possible. Peace Lily is an excellent solution if you like flowers, and it requires very little attention.

#3. Good lighting

Never underestimate the power of lighting, as it can easily create or destroy an atmosphere inside a room. Not only that, but small windows and poor lighting can be bad for your eyesight and a room can look smaller than it actually is. Buy a few lamps and place them around the house, and if you want, make sure to find the kind where you can adjust the brightness to suit the specific mood that you are into. This way, your room can look fabulous and you can even save some money on your electric bill. You can even find a lamp with a lampshade, which can increase the decorative purpose even further.

#4. Pop art picture

Pop art is actuallya whole movement that started in the 50s, and it has a whole style that can be extremely pleasing, especially for younger generations. So, why don’t you buy a few art pieces for yourself? You can pop art your photo for an increased effect, especially if you have a picture of yourself that you particularly like. It is usually printed on special canvas for that special feel, just make sure to find the right place for it, as a wrongly positioned picture is a true shame.

#5. DIY tiles

If you are feeling extra adventurous, you can quite easily tear down all the tiles in your kitchen and then make them according to your own taste. We are actually talking about creating mosaic tiles that can be made from simple smashed tiles of different colors, and you can create anything you set your mind to. For this, you will only need a bit more time and a lot of patience. It is not a big investment, and you can simply create pieces that will fit your design. This, of course, is not only limited to your kitchen, but it can be used in bathrooms as well. Remember, when it comes to interior decoration, you don’t have to listen to what designers have to say, just listen to your guts and everything will be fine.

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